A Second Plane In 3 Weeks Crashes On A Sarasota Waterfront


For the second time in three weeks, another plane has crash landed on a beach in Sarasota County. Some minutes before noon, the Air Traffic Tower located at SQR called 911.

A small red plane had crashed on to the Siesta Key Beach, a close distance from the public beach area that is normally busy. It was reported that the plane had lost its engine.

This is one of the several accidents that have happened on waterfronts in the last few days.

“The pilot saw Siesta Key-Beach and realized there were very many people there, so he did his best move away from the populated location and put the plane down in a safe location,” said Lt.Tutko of the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office.


The pilot of the ill fated plane has been identified as Earle Swan,75 , a resident of Bradenton while his passengers name was 51 years old Martin Thomas from Cape Coral.

A similar accident, but which didn’t go well was reported last month on Caspersen Beach in the Venice locality. The pilot landed too close to the   edge of the water, therefore hitting a father and daughter who were on vacation and killing them.

Regardless of the recent mishaps that have happened on waterfronts, Troy Morgan does not think that additional regulations are necessary. He opines that flying is still much safer when compared to driving on the roads.

“I think the existing regulations are good. I think they are enough and fair. But it is unfortunate when this happens, it’s a pretty odd occurrence, but I’m not convinced that any other regulation may prevent this from happening at any other time, “said Morgan.

The NTSB and the FAA are investigating.

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