A Scheme For Improving The Water Quality In South East Cornwall


At the start of the bathing season, a multi-million pound scheme completed at the South East Cornwall sea, which delivers the good quality of the water on the shores. With the increasing quality of the water of the sea, the health of the people who are staying around are affected.

According to the £4.9m scheme, the South West Water project is not completed and for improving the water quality in the area of the Seaton and the East Looe.

Last year, the figures were shown about the two beaches which are tougher due to the bad water quality according to the test which are implemented in such water areas.

On the construction of the work which was completed the end of the week contains the 1,040 cubic meters for the underground storage tank which is available at the Lower Sungirt which is for the long stay as a car park in the Liskeard. While the other 300 cubic meter tank is installed on the land which is adjacent to the New Road A38. Such measures are implemented to improve the quality of the water which is located on the East Looe.


To cope with the issues which are faced at the South West Water slide at the Seaton ,several treatments are undergone which could improve the Sewage system of the Menheniot Water Works. It includes the installation of the disinfection which is ultraviolet and also provides the greater storage capacity for the storm water on the site. With the installation of the monitoring devices to control the overflows due to the storm in the sewage network which is located in the village. In addition to this storage capacity of the water, it also reduced the discharge of the storm which would be critical during the extreme weather conditions in the country. This additional According to the report, this magnificent project will be completed in the next year of the January 2016.

According to the Mike Court who is Senior Project Manager claimed that the estimation of this project would be the £4.9 million, which they invest in the water quality used for the bathing in the area which will be beneficial for the tourism industry working across the East Cornwall South.

He said that the company believed that with the assistance of the communities which are localized, the main investment would help them to deliver the much cleaner and saver water on the coast of the East Looe and Seaton. This water quality will cope with the European water standards which are used for the bathing.

The investigations which are made by the South West Water and the Environment Agency have already identified that the houses on the site of these coasts are properly maintained with all the plumbing services. They are indirectly connected with the surface water system which is a source of a pollution in the country water located at the bank of the South West. The people could check this system at their homes.

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