A Controversial Report of Bad Water Quality Submitted to White House


On Monday the EPA (The Environmental Protection Agency) has submitted their report to the Obama in the White House about the poor water quality in the country. The report was based on the controversial rules which are redefining the authority of the company over the control of the water pollution in the state.

McCarthy, the EPA head, claimed in his final report, which is according to the law that agency has already made changes in the regulations, but after the rule cast, the Republicans have grabbed the massive land in the country. Other than Republicans, the other departments which have agriculture interests are trying to gulp the land too. The administrations are taking no actions against them and are ignoring the rules whose final version is already submitted in the country. With discussions to the Jo-Ellen, who is also overseeing the Engineering Army Corps, which is also a part in developing the EPA rule for the poor water quality and pollutant control in the country, the other points were highlighted as

“In the final version of rule, the people should notice that changes are made on the base of the comments, and it is consistent with the law and science. Our team has worked hard to achieve a final goal which is beneficial for everyone with the cleaning of the country water.”

The new rule will highlight the wetlands, tributaries, bodies of water and other effective features. It will also ensure the agricultural practices, the ditches and the sewer systems by the municipal system would not be covered as it increase the water pollutions in the country.


The people of the country will soon realize that the agencies always considered their public opinion and the complaints. The changes would be made according to their suggested inputs. The cleaning of the water in the country is a collaborative effort which is confirmation that all the voices which are made by the public according to the law and the science are heard. This is the best step towards the commitments of the American people who expect their suggestions and comments about improving the water quality and maintaining the healthiest environment is valued by the authorities.

After the regulations are proposed, it becomes the important point of discussion for the many congressional hearings, legislative proposal and strict criticisms from the Americans, developers, agricultural groups and others. They all pointed to the Obama administration, as it exerts the control over the ditches, puddles and dry creek beds.

According to the allies of the EPA and itself, the regulations are not meant to expand significantly for the jurisdiction. In fact, it is important to support the clarification and certainty which is under the Supreme Court decisions which are still not cleared. In America the jurisdiction of the federal Government is essential as it would guide the companies and the individuals to get approval from the government before taking any action which is expected to harm the waterways which are covered.

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