52 Percent Of The United States Is In Drought


Every week the analysis has been done by the U.S. Drought Monitor and according to its latest releases report, 52 percent area of the United States is going through a situation in which precipitation is very less and the areas are getting drier at an abnormal level. The areas in which drought condition is prevailing include Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico. So, it has been officially announced that the country’s most of the parts are in drought now.

No doubt, almost every part of the country is now in the drought trouble but the western part is said to be the one with the most scarcity of water.

Patches of dry periods have been observed all over the region from Maine to Florida and the southeastern part of Florida is going through worst condition of drought. According to the report, there is a slight improvement in the condition of the southern Florida during the last few weeks but still the condition of drought is severe.

South Carolina is persistently facing the dry weather and therefore, disaster areas being made. 75 percent area of South Carolina has been labelled as primary natural disaster areas due to the continuity of the weather which is giving an excessive amount of heat to the residents and eventually, drought is getting severer.


According to NASA, this can be even worse in the future. Southwest and central Plains in the United States could even face more dryness and drought in the last half of the current century. It could be drier than the situation was in the previous thousand years in these areas.

8 states are those which facing a severe condition and are running out of water. These states include Idaho, Washington, Nevada, Utah, South Carolina Oregon and California.

Various solutions have been proposed to minimize the effects created by drought which range from preservation to regulatory involvements. According to the experts it will be a significant front in the combat to cut the non-revenue water. All the states which are facing the severe drought are now monitoring the activities of water loss due to which there are very rare such acts which cause the loss of water.

Leakage of water is another issue which had to be faced by the utilities working in the Northern California. A loss of almost 135 gallons per service connection a day was occurred in the Sacramento city. Service connections are the hookups to both homes and commercial areas. According to the reports, loss per service connection for entire state was 49 gallons during the last few years.

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