$2 Million Deal For The Settlement With Arch Coal Inc


A deal of $2 million has been done among the Federal water authorities and one of the major companies of coal mining considering the pollution charges.

According to EPA, the coal company which is the subsidiary of Arch Coal Inc. has been found to be involved in an illegal activity of discharging the contaminants at mines. This violation in regard to Clean Water Act has been seen in Maryland, Kentucky, Virginia, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

Now the company has committed that it would take some measures to update the technology so that such violation can be avoided in the future and water can be kept clean.

Number of allegations are put on the company and it has been said that there are more than 1200 cases which can prove the violation of the Act form the company make in for 8900 days. Out of these 1200 cases, EPA claimed that 700 have been fixed by the actions taken by state authorities in West Virginia and Kentucky. The identification of these violated activities was done by the examinations of projects and facilities and through the analysis of material which was given by the companies and also by making a coordination with governments of the state that affected.


The contaminants which were the part of this violation are iron, aluminum and manganese which al were found to be present in the wastewater, coal slurry and other material that made a way to enter the water of US that come from mining, shipping and processing of coal.

The deal which has been done between the water regulators and the coal mining company would be helpful for the company in shape of settlement of the violations which it has done and remained for the accountability. The significance of this settlement has been illuminated by Cynthia Giles who is the Assistant Administer at EPA.

According to her, these business are required to commit that the operations they are doing must not be aggressive and harmful to the societies. The obligation stands for the safety of the people on the top of which those communities come which have the possibility of most of the exposure to the pollution. Now, it will be ensured for the future that the companies would take care of the both state and federal water regulations which would not be violated and the health of the public would not be at risk.

Shawn Garvin who is the Regional Administer, also said that this a good implementation from the authorities for the people who have been residing in the areas vulnerable to the pollutants and now it is the responsibility of the companies to ensure the important measures to minimize the pollution from the operations they do.

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